Advancement in Technology has many doors in the field of Education. Spectrum College of Education is equiped with all the required facilites for the best possible development and growth of students.

Educational Technology Lab

Well equiped technology lab consisting of Computers with Internet facility and Over head projectors, LCD projectors, Tape recorder, Transparencies, C.D. and D.V.D, Digital camera, Mike with speakers.

Psychology Lab

The institution optimally utilizes the psychology lab which has various standardized intelligence tests, personality tests, learning and motivation tests, creativity tests. Pictures of eminent psychologists adorn the walls of the room.


Our library is a vast ocean of knowledge with different pearls of well stocked books, Educational Journals. There is an open shelf system for immediate access to the books they may like to read. The intake of books is a regular feature in the library and no important title related to the course is missed. Library is situated on the ground floor for the easy accessibility for physically challenged students.

Science Lab

The science lab in the institute is reasonably equiped biology, physics and chemistry labs with appropriate scientific apparatus models and charts and chemicals.

Activity Room

This room has a stock of drawing pencils, charts, painting brushes, wax crayons, sketch pens etc to help trainees to learn fine art skill that may help the future teachers to prepare attractive teaching aids.